Become a WesPay Star!

What is a WesPay Star?

A WesPay Star is an individual who...

Earned the AAP and/or NCP accreditation, or passed the ACH and/or Check Network Certificate


Completed either the ACH and/or Check Expert Training

What is ACH and Check Expert Training?

WesPay offers workshops in ACH Expert Training and Check Expert Training. The content of the Expert Training Workshops is designed to challenge the experienced professional. Being proficient in your field will not only open doors for advancement, it will bring a higher level of service for customers of your organization. As a WesPay Star, you've earned the status as a payments expert.

The WesPay Star

Several of our professional programs have a military theme, like Boot Camps and Officer Candidate School. Just as top leaders in the military are recognized by their stars, the WesPay Star is the symbol of attaining a high level of payments proficiency and expertise.

Each year, participants who meet the requirements will earn a WesPay Star pin. The pin will be dated with the year. Those earning the WesPay Star are encouraged to collect and wear the pins to industry events.

The first WesPay Stars will be presented at the 2017 Payments Symposium.

Learn more about these programs associated with becoming a WesPay Star.

AAP Program     NCP Program

ACH Network Certificate

Check Network Certificate

Upcoming Expert Training

TitleStart DateCityST
Check Expert10/23/2018LivermoreCA184CCELIV
Check Expert11/1/2018OntarioCA184CCEONT
ACH Expert11/6/2018Santa AnaCA184CAEORA
ACH Expert11/6/2018Santa RosaCA184CAESR
ACH Expert11/7/2018Lone TreeCO184CAEDEN
ACH Expert11/7/2018SeattleWA184CAESEA
ACH Expert11/15/2018PhoenixAZ184CAEPHX