AAP Accreditation

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The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) program affirms professional competence and subject area expertise for practitioners of Automated Clearing House payments.

Financial institution examiners and other users of the ACH Network accept the AAP credential as a mark identifying individuals who are highly skilled and serious about their profession. Having your AAP may also enhance career advancement.

Seize the opportunity to develop your career by attending WesPay’s AAP Preparation webinar series and get the support to successfully pass the AAP Examination. This seven session webinar series will thoroughly review all major concepts covered in each section of the test, and allow time for candidate questions. Join WesPay as we lead you through a comprehensive program with the tools and guidance to help you achieve this important milestone.

WesPay's AAP Preparation Program

Successfully passing the AAP exam is a challenging undertaking. Take the proper steps to insure your success and know that WesPay is here to help.


New benefit for AAPs:

AAP Forum on LinkedIn


WesPay's AAP Training Program
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Benefits of AAP Accreditation Preparation

Studying for and taking the AAP exam gives you a better understanding of:

  • Managing ACH operations
  • Interpreting ACH rules and regulations
  • Developing ACH products
  • Selling ACH products and services
  • Creating ACH marketing stratagies
  • Providing customer service for ACH applications
  • Strategically planning ACH payments expansion


AAP from a Manager's Perspective

The success of your business depends on its reputation for quality and integrity. Having staff with the AAP credential reinforces that your organization is in touch with changes and updates to the NACHA Operating Rules and current payments industry regulations.

AAP Benefits for Managers (PDF)


AAP Exam Registration Information

Register for exam with NACHA

Please note, registration for the AAP Accreditation Exam is administered through NACHA. Click on the Register for Exam button above to visit their registration web page.

Exam Test Window:
October 6-25, 2014

Exam Registration Fees:
$465 - NACHA Member
$595 - Non-member

$50 Late Registration Fee (will be charged in addition to the standard registration for all who register between September 22nd and October 3rd)

New benefit for AAPs:

The AAP Group and Forum on LinkedIn

The WesPay AAP Group is a forum where Accredited ACH Professionals in the western U.S. have the ability to network, create discussions, talk about issues and discuss emerging trends within electronic payments. Remember that even if your employer is not a member, all AAPs within the WesPay service territory are considered automatic members of WesPay and are welcome to join the group.

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