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select10/29/20142014 ACH AuditBoiseIDC144CAUDBOI144CAUDBOI
select10/29/20142014 ACH AuditPasadenaCAC144CAUDPAS144CAUDPAS
select10/29/2014Green Book 101  T144TACHC06144TACHC06
select10/30/20142014 ACH AuditLakewoodWAC144CAUDTAC144CAUDTAC
select10/30/2014Setting Up Your FI Agreement  T144TSETFI144TSETFI
select10/31/2014Apple Pay: What You Need To Know  T144TAPLPAY144TAPLPAY
select11/3/2014Regulation E (Parts 1 & 2)  T144TACHC07144TACHC07
select11/4/2014AAP ForumSan FranciscoCAC144CAAPSF144CAAPSF
select11/4/2014Digital Currencies and Bitcoin: What You Need To Know  T144TVIRCUR144TVIRCUR
select11/4/2014Third-Party Service Providers: Who, What and When?  T143TNTPSP143TNTPSP
select11/5/20142014 ACH AuditHonoluluHIP144CAUDHI144CAUDHI
select11/5/2014RDC Risk AssessmentHonoluluHIP144CRDCHI144CRDCHI
select11/6/2014AAP ForumHonoluluHIP144CAAPHI144CAAPHI
select11/6/2014Check 21 Solutions  T144TCNC07144TCNC07
select11/6/2014Upcoming Rules 2015  T144TUP2015144TUP2015
select11/7/2014Afternoon Tips: Federal Government Reclamations  L144PT23A144PT23A
select11/7/2014Lunchtime Tips: Federal Government Reclamations  L144PT23L144PT23L
select11/12/2014ACH Exceptions  T144TACHC08144TACHC08
select11/12/2014Remote Deposit Capture Series  T144TRDCS144TRDCS
select11/13/2014Card Fraud & Risk Management  T144TCFRM02144TCFRM02
select11/13/2014Check Adjustments (Parts 1 & 2)  T144TCNC08144TCNC08
select11/17/2014International Payments and IAT  T144TACHC09144TACHC09
select11/18/2014AAP ForumOntarioCAC144CAAPLA144CAAPLA
select11/18/2014AAP ForumPortlandORC144CAAPPOR144CAAPPOR
select11/18/2014WesPay Town Hall - Remote Deposit Risk Discussion  T144TRDCTH144TRDCTH
select11/19/2014AAP ForumSeattleWAC144CAAPSEA144CAAPSEA
select11/19/2014Latest Events in the Card Industry  T144TLECI01144TLECI01
select11/20/2014AAP ForumPhoenixAZC144CAAPPHX144CAAPPHX
select11/20/2014Federal Government Payments  T144TFEDPY144TFEDPY
select11/21/2014Afternoon Tips: Open Session  L144PT24A144PT24A
select11/21/2014Lunchtime Tips: Open Session  L144PT24L144PT24L
select12/1/2014Financial Institution Quarterly Member Update-Q4  T144TQMU144TQMU
select12/2/2014Check Returns and AdjustmentsOntarioCAC144CCRAONT144CCRAONT
select12/2/2014Latest Events in the Card Industry  T144TLECI144TLECI
select12/3/2014ACH Policies and Procedures (Parts 1 & 2)  T144TAPOL144TAPOL
select12/4/2014FFIEC and Corporate Account Takeover  T144TFFIEC144TFFIEC
select12/4/2014Remote Deposit Capture  T144TCNC09144TCNC09
select12/5/2014Afternoon Tips: Open Session  L144PT25A144PT25A
select12/5/2014Lunchtime Tips: Open Session  L144PT25L144PT25L
select12/8/2014Originator & Payment Provider Quarterly Update  T144TOMU144TOMU
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