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Marketing Resources

Consumer Website

PayItGreen Website

Promote direct deposit and direct payments with the PayItGreen website. This consumer website is an interactive and fun way to show your customers the benefits of going green and using direct deposit and direct payments.


Origami Advertisements

Seven custom ads featuring origami shapes made from $20 bills that exemplify key attributes of Direct Deposit and Direct Payment. The seven ad headlines are carefree money, faster money, greener money, more money, safer money, simple money, and smarter money. Each headline has a corresponding origami shape that depicts the headline. Use these high-resolution, reproducible ads for print or online publications, customer communications, posters, and more.

Two versions of each ad are available: one is designed for use “as is;” the other may be customized with your logo. (Please review our terms and conditions to see how the materials can be used.)

“Slice of Life” Advertisements

“Slice of Life” advertisements are also available for use. (The previous “slice of life” advertisements, featuring the fisherman, friends at lunch, basketball, and vacation, are no longer available. If you are currently using these ads, please discontinue use.) 


Direct Deposit Calculator

A Direct Deposit cost calculator is available on for businesses to calculate their cost savings by switching payroll to Direct Deposit. Businesses can calculate the exact amount by entering their company’s payroll cost data into the spreadsheet.

Messaging you can use

Radio Advertisements

Need a radio ad to promote Direct Deposit and Direct Payment in your market? The radio advertisements below are available in 30-second and 60-second formats, and can be used by businesses, financial institutions and regional payments associations as advertisements on consumer radio programming. Your company may add an identifier or contact (phone or website); however, the advertisement may not be altered in any other manner.

Logos & Graphics

Direct Deposit and Direct Payment Logos

Would you like to use the Direct Deposit and Direct Payment logos on promotional materials you create? The logo is a trademark of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, which encourages companies and financial institutions to use it.



WesPay can help you promote services to your customers!

Advertisements Available!


Become a PayItGreen Advocate!

PayItGreen™ is a coalition led by NACHA – The Electronic Payments Association. PayItGreen™ members are committed to educating consumers on the positive impact of choosing electronic bills, statements and payments over paper.

PayItGreen™ members are recognized in the industry as environmental leaders backed by the integrity of NACHA, and play an important role in expanding the use of electronic payments over paper.

WesPay is proud to be a partner in this important coalition. As a result of our participation level, WesPay members receive a discount on direct membership. For more information on membership levels, please refer to the brochure at the link below.

PayItGreen Membership Brochure (PDF)

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