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The NACHA Member Discount Code (MDC)

What is an MDC?

In early 2010, NACHA began the use of MDCs to identify employees and members of Regional Payments Associations (RPAs) like WesPay. The MDC allows eligible parties to receive the benefit of discounted member pricing on the NACHA website, A unique MDC has been assigned to WesPay for use only by our members.

How do you obtain one?

WesPay can provide one to you only if you are a member of WesPay. Members can click the download button and enter their member logins to retrieve the code or you can call (415) 433-1230 or email The MDC should not be distributed to individuals outside of your organization.

Download MDC*Requires member login

For Additional Questions:

For questions regarding the NACHA Member Discount Code, call (415) 433-1230 or email




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