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WesPay (Western Payments Alliance)

About WesPay

WesPay is a membership-based Regional Payments Association providing electronic payments information and resources to over 1200 member financial institutions, e-commerce companies, payment technology providers, and other organizations supplying payments-related services. We are the oldest Regional Payments Association in the United States, having served our members since 1972. WesPay’s rich heritage dates back to our formation by the same bankers that developed what we now know as the ACH network.

WesPay provides rules and regulatory guidance and operational support, ongoing education and training, audit and advisory services, and publication sales related to electronic payments. WesPay’s frequent communications keep members informed of rules changes and our Payments Hotline provides live support for members on payments rules, regulation and related subjects.

Our Services

WesPay has three categories of services that are provided to our members:

Information- Information services are available to all members and are largely included as part of membership dues paid each year. It includes access to accredited payments experts through our Payments Hotline to get answers to operational, regulatory and NACHA rules related questions, along with quick, easy-to-read payments information provided to you in weekly tips, periodic briefings, alerts and updates. To learn more, click here.

Education- WesPay offers an extensive educational curriculum through in-person workshops, remote training through webinars and online training, along with a wide range of publications and resource guides that make it easier for you to achieve your professional goals. To learn more, click here.

Advisory Services- WesPay provides outsource and supplemental compliance solutions to assist with the increased demands of regulatory oversight. Our one-on-one engagements of ACH Audit and Risk Reviews, along with our Policies Advisory services for both ACH and RDC assist members in improving their operational processes, key controls and regulatory compliance. All work is completed by industry-certified staff and materials are handled in the strictest confidence. To learn more, click here.


WesPay is dedicated to facilitate, and promote the growth and best use of electronic payments through a variety of channels to educate, inform, advise and advocate on behalf of our clients.


WesPay leverages the diversity of our clients and professional staff to pioneer and promote the effective use of innovative payment processes and technologies via key partnerships, and to establish a benchmark for quality and excellence in electronic payments.

Core Values

Client Focus- WesPay is dedicated to meeting the needs of and being a resource for our clients, with commitment, accountability, understanding and integrity.

Influence- WesPay endeavors to be a leader by fostering a cooperative spirit, open communication and active collaboration, designed to bring value to our clients, their customers and the payments industry.

Innovation- WesPay cultivates an atmosphere of vision and creativity, with solution-oriented ideas that drive continuous improvements in the payments arena.

Knowledge and Expertise- WesPay is committed to delivering the highest quality information, products and services to ensure success for our clients and strengthen recognition of WesPay as an industry leader.

WesPay’s Territory

Our service area is home to 25 percent of the nation’s population and 45 percent of land mass covering the following 12 US states, from the Rockies through the Pacific: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, northern New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming, as well as American Samoa, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Mark of Excellence

  WesPay is a direct member of NACHA making us specially recognized and licensed providers of ACH education, publications and support. As a Direct Member, we participate in the NACHA Rule Making Process and vote on Rules ballots, participate and lead in NACHA Councils, committees and initiatives to help shape the ACH Network and NACHA Operating Rules.

National Certifications

WesPay is a provider of preparatory training and maintenance of two nationally recognized accreditations.

  WesPay has a comprehensive program led by qualified staff with over 20 years of experience in ACH and the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) exam to help our members through the process of obtaining and maintaining an AAP accreditation.

WesPay is an approved Education Partner as well as a Sponsor of the NCPC (National Check Professional Certification) which is administered by ECCHO (Electronic Check Clearing House Organization).

WesPay Rules & Bylaws

The Rules and Bylaws for Western Payments Alliance are available to WesPay members upon request. For a copy, please e-mail a request to or call us at (415) 433-1230.


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