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Buyer's Guide

Featured Companies

These companies are Premier Associate Members. Solution providers and processors sell the products and services that help financial institutions and companies maximize business efficiencies, improve payment processes, and reduce risk and costs. WesPay does not endorse any organization over another nor guarantee any pricing, due diligence or background information but we encourage you to click on their link to learn more!

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Dispute Xpress

ACH Alert Bulletin

FFIEC Compliance


ACH Alert

ACH Alert provides protection for ACH transactions. Our ACH Positive Pay services prevent corporate account takeover and provide an alternative to ACH debit filters. For more information, contact Tiffinay Farner, AAP, Account Executive, at (866) 265-8961 Ext.113 or e-mail

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Affirmative Technologies

Affirmative Technologies is a leading provider of electronic payment processing and risk management platforms while offering a variety of payments, including ACH and check transactions. For more information, contact Sherry Knitter, AAP, Director of Business Development, at (727) 772-9881 Ext. 225, or email

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Risk Assessments beyond ACH... and PAPERLESS!


Centrix Solutions, Inc.

Centrix Solutions’ software helps financial institutions identify payments fraud within originated (ODFI) and received (RDFI) ACH transactions, while also automating debit card dispute management. For more information, contact Steve Bartels, Director of Client Services, at (402) 488-3990 ext. 107 or email

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Ceridian is business services company that uses reality-based KnowHow to help companies maximize resources, lower costs and focus on what they do best. For more information, contact Tim Getchell, Risk Manager, at (714) 377-4683 or e-mail

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How Banks Can Build Their Corporate Business: Best Practices For Offering Liquidity Management Solutions



Fundtech offers a comprehensive line of transaction banking solutions to banks and corporations of all sizes around the world. Products improve operational efficiency, greater competitiveness. For more information, contact Marisa Penepent, Marketing Coordinator at (201) 215-6516 or e-mail

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Laru Technologies

Laru Technologies provides bank security solutions regarding electronic transactions. Only Laru scrutinizes every transaction, preventing unauthorized fund transfers, account takeovers, payment fraud, malware, and data breaches. For more information, contact Karen Apa, CMO, at (727) 776-7678, or e-mail

RemoteDepositCapture Logo - click to visit website is the authority on everything RDC and the host of the RDC Summit.  Gain access to insightful news, provider directories, dozens of educational webinars, community forums and the RDC Solution Finder network. Become a member today! For more information, contact Lui King, COO, at (888) 290-1581, or e-mail

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SBT Business Technologies

SBT has been a leading ACH software provider for over 26 years. Our web-based system is easy to use for Financial Institutions and their customers. For more information, contact Jeff Last, VP Sales/Marketing, at (850) 315-4944 or e-mail


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Digital Transactions Buyers' Guide

Brought to you by WesPay's Premier Associate Members

This complementary copy of Digital Transactions Buyers Guide is brought to you by WesPay's Premier Associate Members shown above, under the Featured Companies section of this page.

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What is a Premier Associate Member?

A Premier Associate Member is a specific type of WesPay Associate Member. Premier Members are companies or organizations in the payments industry committed to supporting the mission of promoting the growth and best use of electronic payments.

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NACHA's Buyer's Guide

ePayments Marketplace

ePayments Marketplace is NACHA's buyer's guide designed specifically for financial institutions, businesses, and federal, state, and local governments that utilize electronic payments.

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Mobile Payments Directory is an information resource focusing on mobile payments projects and technology. Their content helps organizations realize the cost savings and operational benefits promised by mobile payments.

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