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AgreementsNow! Business Online Bkg Cash Mgmt Master Svc Agmt
AgreementsNow! Business Online Bkg Cash Mgmt Master Svc Agmt
One master agreement that covers all your payments products eliminates the need for separate agreements that must be signed and filed for each service! This electronic document contains a modifiable Business Online Banking and Cash Management Service Master Agreement in Microsoft Word that captures what should be in every service agreement. You append further information using the multiple product schedules that are include on the document. Product schedules included on the document are:

ACH Origination including authorization forms and more
ACH Block-Filter
Account Reconciliation including full, partial, and range
Lockbox including retail, wholesale, and "wholetail"
Line of Credit Sweep
Money Market Sweep
Positive Pay
Remote Deposit Capture
Wire Transfer
Reverse Wire

The ACH, Remote Deposit Capture, and Wire Transfer agreements are also structured for stand-alone use if needed. The contents and price make this a very cost-effective package for your payments product program!
Discounted member price: 350.00