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AAP Exam Preparation Library of Tools Plus Bundle
AAP Exam Preparation Library of Tools Plus Bundle
The Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation distinguishes its bearers as members of an elite corps of payments system professionals. To assist you in preparing for the AAP examination, administered once in the fall each year, the following recommended texts are offered.

The Library of Tools Plus Bundle includes:
- Library of Tools Bundle
- ACHProÿ Online **

ACHProÿ is a self-paced, computer-based training program developed to increase your knowledge of the ACH. ACHProÿ has been developed to promote knowledge of the ACH Network. This tool can be used to evaluate your level of expertise of the ACH and related payment systems, and to identify those areas that may require additional development. ACHPro was designed to make learning fun. It challenges your knowledge in two ways: Game Mode and Test Mode.

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