Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines

Recommended Best Practice

ODFIs should continue to provide the current Rules to Originators. Providing the Rules to Originators in January, rather than later in the year, gives them access to the current Rules as early as possible. WesPay recommends the online format. The subscription code for single-user access can be emailed to Originators, saving on inventory space and shipping cost.

ODFIs and RDFIs should have a copy of the current Rules for reference and contingency planning purposes.

Member Benefit

WesPay members receive complimentary annual access to the Rules in the format on record for their organization. There is no need to order this benefit. It will be automatically sent to the Primary Contact in January. See our FAQ page for more details.


The Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines are available in three formats - online resource, ebook and print book. Each offers access to the complete Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines and provides an opportunity for contingency planning purposes.

Online Resource* (web-based)

The Online Resource provides premium access and features to the complete Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines. The subscription code provides single-user access. 

Structured in sections like the print book, the Online Resource includes features of bookmarking, copy/paste and limited printing functionality.

The responsive design allows for a great experience whether accessing from a desktop computer, laptop or a mobile device – whether in the office or at a home office.

This is the most commonly purchased format by ODFIs for their Originators.

ebook* (app required) 

Requires the downloading of a third-party app (Flux Player) 
The ebook provides the complete Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines in a PDF ebook format, within the Flux Player app. Once the subscription code is redeemed and content downloaded into the app, the user has offline access to the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines. 

One subscription code may be redeemed through the same account on up to two devices, including PC/Mac, Android phones and tablets, Apple iOS and Kindle. Structured like the print book, the ebook format does not have any print functionality.
*Subscription access to the Online and ebook products runs from January 1 through December 31 of the edition year. Codes are valid only for the edition year and cannot be carried over. All sales are final.

Print Book

This a valuable hard copy reference for every library and for contingency planning purposes. Purchase the Rules in Print product in conjunction with other available formats - Online Resource and ebook (app required) - to provide additional means of convenient access to the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines. Add a set of Rule Book Tabs to simplify finding frequently referenced sections. 

Bonus access to Online Resource: Each purchase through December 15, 2020, will include a subscription code for additional Online Rules access. Books purchased after December 15 will not include the subscription code. 

Shipment of the 2021 Rules

Shipment of the print book begins in early January. Those sent as a member benefit are shipped first, followed by early-bird orders, then those placed after early-bird through the end of the year, then orders placed after January 1.

Shipment of subscription codes also takes place in early January, by email. Typically, all subscription codes for the member benefit, early-bird orders and all other orders are distributed by January 15.

Purchaser Responsibility - It is the purchaser’s responsibility to notify WesPay in a timely manner if their order is not received within a reasonable amount of time. WesPay is not responsible for replacing items after a reasonable amount of time.

About the Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines

The ACH Network is the driving force in new innovations and technology in the way consumers and businesses access, move and use their money. The Nacha Operating Rules & Guidelines is the foundation needed for every ACH payment. Understanding the Rules & Guidelines keeps your organization at the top of its field - ensuring efficient ACH payments, strengthening risk management practices and lessening returns and exceptions.

Access to the Rules & Guidelines helps identify new opportunities to leverage the ACH Network to meet customer’s needs, while maintaining a clear understanding of network requirements. 

The Rules include the legal framework for the ACH Network, and the basic obligations of each ACH Network participant. Additionally, the included appendices contain details on Rules enforcement, annual audit requirements, a complete table of return reason codes and formatting specifications. 

The Guidelines expand on the Rules, providing complete discussions of each ACH Network participant type and its role and responsibilities, detailed overviews of the Standard Entry Class Codes and use-case examples in special topic areas, such as Third-Party Service Providers. 

Annual Complimentary Member Access to the Rules

Qualifying WesPay members will automatically receive annual complimentary access to the Nacha Operating Rules. Read our FAQs about this great member benefit.

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