Originator Training Video Series

An ODFI is responsible for their Originators' and Third-Party Senders' compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules.

Keep Your Originators Trained

In the fast-paced ACH environment, we are seeing constant changes and it is the ODFI's responsibility to ensure Originators are properly trained to help ensure regulatory compliance and avoid risk to the Network.

WesPay offers the Originator Training Video Series. This series is comprised of six short videos which you can deliver to your Originators to help them better understand the ACH Network, how it works, authorization requirements, how to handle exceptions and better manage risk.

Video topics include:

  • Introduction to ACH
  • ACH Authorization Requirements
  • ACH Exception Items
  • Data Security Requirements and Account Takeover
  • ACH WEB Origination
  • ACH TEL Origination

You can now make each of these training videos available to your Originators, contributing to your compliance with ACH Audit requirements which mandate “Verify that the ODFI has kept Originators and Third-Party Senders informed of their responsibilities under these Rules.” (Reference Article Two, Section 2.1 of the Nacha Operating Rules).

Save By Bundling!

The Originator Training Video Series and the Business Training Video Series are also included with either WesPay's Originator Self-Assessment or RDC Self-Assessment, with a signed agreement.

These Self-Assessments are excellent tools to be using right now providing tangible demonstration to your auditors and regulators that you are proactively taking steps to train your customers and help them understand their compliance with the Nacha Operating Rules, the FFIEC Guidance and/or your agreements.


Contact Member Services at (415) 433-1230 or memberservices@wespay.org.


Member: $500
Non-Member: $1,000

Included at no charge to those with a signed agreement for the Originator or RDC Self-Assessment.