Let WesPay Help You Become an AAP

An AAP is an individual who has a comprehensive knowledge of all areas of ACH, a deep understanding of and experience in one or more specific ACH subjects, and a broad knowledge of concepts that relate to the payments system as a whole. Whether you are contemplating taking the AAP exam or are already registered, we have the tools to help prepare you for your career journey.

We Recommend A Two-Fold Process

To best equip for this rigorous exam we recommend a two-fold process of taking the following two programs. Completing both in the same year has consistently resulted in exemplary first-time pass rates for WesPay members.

ACH Network Certificate

Series of scheduled webinars, review session and comprehensive proficiency exam. A thorough explanation of the ACH Network.

And either...

AAP Exam Preparation Program (via Webinar) 

Series of scheduled webinars, plus an optional library of study tools and optional interactive CD-based study tool

Officer Candidate School (via Workshop)

Three-day intensive workshop on advanced topics related to the AAP exam. 

Recommended Additional Preparation Options

ACH Boot Camp

Two-day focused course for professionals with 1-2 years work experience

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