Training Subscription for Education

Make the Most of Your Training Budget

WesPay offers ways for members to take more training for less! A WesPay Members exclusive, our Training Subscription provides all staff members with 12 months of virtually unlimited access to payments training for one low price. Plan ahead for the education you need, train more staff and receive discounts above and beyond member pricing. WesPay Members have saved thousands annually with the Training Subscription.

Two Subscription Plans Available

Standard Subscription*

Pay one low price and access WesPay Webinars and pre-recorded Webcasts for twelve months. Anyone in your organization can attend live Webinars or order Webcasts on ACH, Check, Card and Wire topics related to the following categories.

  • Operational Sound Practices
  • Risk Management Principles
  • Rules & Regulatory Compliance
  • Payments Technologies
  • Trending Industry Developments


We recognize there are Members who prefer to attend our interactive in-person Workshops. SubscriptionPlus+ provides all of the benefits of the standard WesPay Training Subscription, plus four single registrations to select Workshops or Functional Area Certificates. Get the informational flyer for details on the available Workshops and certificates.

Consider These Benefits...

Immediate Savings and Obvious Return on Investment

WesPay offers multiple Webinars each month. Attending every Webinar and paying individually could cost up to $1,500 each month. With a training subscription there is immense savings and value.

Extended Professional Development Opportunities

In addition to our Webinars, the subscription includes access to our library of over 75 Webcasts...just a click away and accessible 24 x 7!

Unlimited Access to Learning

With no limit to the number of attendees from the same company, one subscription can be shared across the organization. Now you can train more people for less.

For more information contact Member Services or call (415) 433-1230.

* Training Subscriptions exclude Functional Certificates, Network Certificates, AAP/NCP/APRP Preparation Webinars.

A Training Subscription helps you keep more staff trained while keeping your budget in line.
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