Third-Party Resource Center

Third-Party Senders and Processors play a critical role in electronic payment services. It is a challenging business and organizations are working hard to remain compliant.

This Resource Center contains WesPay’s full range of products and services for Third-Party Senders and Processors and their ODFIs to help deal with the growing complexities of regulatory and rules requirements for processing ACH transactions.

Our services include the following:

What is a Third-Party?

Third-Party Sender

Acts as an intermediary in transmitting entries between an originator and an Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI), and/or acts on behalf of an originator or another Third-Party Sender. They are not considered the originator for entries transmitted on behalf of another organization. However, a Third-Party Sender may be an originator in its own right.

Third-Party Service Provider

A Third-Party Service Provider is an organization that performs any functions on behalf of an Originator, Third-Party Sender, Originating Depository Financial Institution (ODFI), or Receiving Depository Financial Institution (RDFI) related to the processing of entries, including creation of files or acting as a Sending or Receiving Point on behalf of a financial institution.

Third-Party Payment Processor

Provides payment processing services to merchants and other businesses. These payment transaction types include credit card, debit and prepaid card, ACH, and remotely created checks transactions.

Third-Party Sender Identification Tool

Still unsure of what a Third-Party is? NACHA has designed a Third-Party Sender Identification Tool to help better understand.


Same Day ACH Phases

Same Day ACH Phases
  1. As a Third-Party Sender have you conducted your required annual ACH audit?
  2. Do you have a documented required ACH Risk Assessment?
  3. As a financial institution, have you requested proof of your Third-Party Sender’s completed annual ACH audit?

If you answered "no" to any of these questions, we are here to help.

WesPay offers advisory services to keep you in compliance by conducting annual ACH Audit and ACH Risk Review services and to document potential strengthening of risk practices, policies and procedures. Remember Third-Party Senders are required to complete an annual ACH audit..


Email or call the Payments Hotline at (415) 373-1200.

NACHA Certified is a voluntary accreditation program for Third-Party Senders in the ACH Network to demonstrate to the industry, including ODFIs, originators, and their peers, that they are meeting standards established by NACHA signaling sound core practices and corporate governance.

A thriving and secure ACH Network depends on quality Third-Party Senders, and NACHA’s new program - NACHA Certified - enables Third-Party Senders to set themselves apart in today’s competitive market by demonstrating to financial institutions that they are vetted, validated and valued.

For more information on how to become NACHA Certified or to find a list of certified providers, visit:

Regulatory Compliance Guidance

Resources and Tools

Originator Self-Assessment

This tool is an excellent tool for ODFIs and Third-Party Service Providers to be using right now as a tangible demonstration to your auditors and regulators that you are proactively taking steps to train your Originators and help them understand their compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules. View more details about the Self-Assessment and how to attend a demonstration. See how convenient compliance can be!

Third-Party Resource Directory

WesPay frequently receives inquiries from member Third-Party Processors and Third-Party Senders requesting contact information for financial institutions that may be open to having them as a customer. Our Third-Party Resource Directory is for WesPay members. View Directory (*requires member log in)


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Monthly Third-Party Roundtable Webinar

Publications, Rule Books, and Customizable Agreements

Training and Education

TitleStart DateCityST
ACH Audit for ODFIs (W)2/1/2018  141RAUDO
ACH Audit for RDFIs (W)2/1/2018  141RAUDR
2016 ACH Rules Update (W)2/1/2018  162R2016NR
ACH Audit for RDFIs4/26/2018  182TAUDR
ACH Origination Agreements5/9/2018  182TACHOA
ACH Origination Agreements11/7/2018  184TAOA