ACH Audit Solutions

WesPay has a suite of services and tools available to match the varying ACH audit needs of institutions. Whether you have us do the full audit for you, need a risk review in conjunction with our full audit or do the audit yourself, WesPay has a solution.

Full ACH Audit

Have WesPay Advisors Complete Your Audit

An Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) from our staff will conduct your annual ACH audit and examine each facet of your ACH operations including receiving, originating, record retention, timelines of processes, information reporting and completeness of agreements. ACH Audits can be performed for financial institutions as well as third-party vendors.

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ACH Risk Review

Offered In Conjunction with the Full ACH Audit

The WesPay Advisors ACH Risk Review Service completed in conjunction with a Full ACH Audit provides your management team with a professional opinion of your ACH risk program and suggestions for improvement.

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ACH Audit Checklist

Complementary tool for members

This is a complimentary member publication and is designed for organizations seeking guidance in preparing for their annual review. Whether you complete your audit with internal staff or have WesPay conduct your audit, this document will help you to be organized and better prepared for this important undertaking.

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ACH Audit Guide

Complete Your Own Audit In-House

This is designed for organizations seeking a tool to assist with self-completion that incorporates WesPay’s collective experience from conducting hundreds of ACH Audits. This interactive guide provide examples of sound industry practices and includes popular reference tools. This document addresses all requirements in the current ACH Operating Rules.

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ACH Audit Requirements - Sound Practices Checklists

Supplement Your Self-Assessment

WesPay has prepared “checklists” of sound practices to strengthen existing processes related to the various audit requirements. This document is based on our staff auditors’ observations of solid operational processes when in the field conducting ACH audits. This information may be used to supplement the member’s own suggestions that may be developed in the course of the completion of their self-assessment and are not meant to suggest a definitive course of action or a “one size fits all” solution.

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