Originator Self-Assessment

"An ODFI is responsible for its Originators' and Third-Party Senders' compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules" - NACHA Operating Rules

WesPay members tell us their regulators are requesting details regarding ACH Originator and Third Party compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules. Providing a copy of the NACHA Operating Rules is a good start, but how do you ​know​ your Originators are in compliance with the requirements of the Rules?

The WesPay Originator Self-Assessment was developed to help you, as an ODFI, Third-Party Sender or Third-Party Provider, inform your Originators of their requirements under the NACHA Operating Rules and to provide a means for them to evaluate compliance within their unique operating environments. Cost effective and easy to use, this new self-assessment also provides a tangible demonstration to auditors and regulators that you are proactively taking steps to train Originators and help them understand their compliance with the NACHA Operating Rules.

Key Features:

  • Includes 16 modules, with new modules for Prenotifications, Return Fee Entries and Third-Party Senders
  • Questions worded in everyday language for those less familiar with payments terminology
  • Originators are assessed based on their unique operating environment
  • Cloud-based system requires no integration or implementation to internal systems
  • Corresponding reference to the applicable Rule for each question
  • Each module and the Glossary contains a printable set of notes for continued guidance after the Self-Assessment is complete
  • Originators are assessed based on their unique operating environment
  • Multiple reports available, including a final report to share with auditors
  • Can be co-branded with your logo


The pricing is tiered and based on the number of Originators. Other fees may apply depending on additional options selected. Contact marketing@wespay.org for a price quote.

Special Discounts
When purchasing in combination with the RDC Self-Assessment, a combined customer license count may result in a lower price per license.

Business and Originator Training Videos
Business Training Videos  and Originator Training Videos, which can be used as a tool to enhance your RDC and/or Originator training, are included at no charge with a signed and paid agreement.


Contact marketing@wespay.org to arrange a private demonstration for you and your team. 

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We invite you and your team to join a demonstration, which lasts approximately 60 minutes. See the actual user experience and learn more about how the Self-Assessment is both a training and a compliance tool. Click "Request a Demo" below to schedule a personal demonstration!

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