Introduction To ACH

This webinar focuses on the essentials of ACH, including a brief history of the Network and defining the parties of ACH transactions. We will also discuss the transaction flow and settlement process. We will cover many aspects of exception item processing including stop payments vs. authorization revoked and unauthorized debits. This is a basic overview of ACH and is intended for individuals new to ACH operations, front line staff and individuals wanting to learn more about ACH.

Dates:  06/19
Time:  1:00pm - 2:30pm PT
Level: Basic/Intermediate
Renewal Credits:  1.2 AAP/NCP credits per hour

Registration Fees:
WesPay Member:  $199 for each session and phone line
Non Member:  $398 for each session and phone line
AAP & NCP Discount:  Automatic 10% discount
Training Subscription:  Eligible
Training SubscriptionPlus+:  Not Eligible

6/19/2018 - 6/19/2018

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