Payments Tip: Latest NACHA Initiatives

What’s NACHA up to now? It seems they are constantly innovating, whether finding ways to speed-up payments & processes, identifying new risks, or new applications for ACH. It’s vital we keep abreast of new happenings in the network. Join WesPay as we give you the run-down on what to expect in the exciting world of ACH payments.

Dates:  06/15
Time:  12:00pm - 12:30pm PT
Level:  Basic
Renewal Credits:  1.2 AAP credits per hour

Registration Fees:
WesPay Member:  $70 for each session and phone line
Non Member:  $140 for each session and phone line
AAP & NCP Discount:  Automatic 10% discount
Training Subscription:  Eligible
Training SubscriptionPlus+:  Not Eligible

6/15/2018 - 6/15/2018

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