ACH Network Certificate

The curriculum for earning this certificate offers a thorough explanation of the ACH Network. Those completing the certificate program will have a stronger foundation of this thriving payments network. 

Multi-Functional and Flexible 

The ACH Network Certificate is multi-functional and flexible. For those wishing to achieve the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation, we recommend a two-fold preparation method of successfully completing both the ACH Network Certificate and the AAP Exam Preparation Program. Completing both has consistently resulted in exemplary first-time pass rates. 

The webinars in the ACH Network Certificate also qualify for continuing education (CE) credits towards the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation. Take one or take them all! NACHA limits apply for the number of CE credits which may be earned in a calendar year. Visit NACHA for more details.

ACH Network Certificate Curriculum

Introduction to ACH
ACH Operating Rules, Parts 1 & 2
ACH Origination for the ODFI
Bits 'n Bytes, Parts 1 & 2
ACH Operations for the RDFI
Green Book 101 - Government Payments
Regulation E, Parts 1 & 2
ACH Exceptions
International Payments and IAT
ACH Network Certificate Final Review
ACH Network Certificate Exam

Maintaining the ACH Network Certificate

In order to maintain the ACH Network Certificate, ONE of the following must be completed each year following the year in which the Certificate was earned.

Payments Rules & Updates  (Workshops - offered during Q1)

Payments Rules & Updates (Webinar - typically end of Q1)

Payments Rules & Updates  (Webcast - available beginning of Q2)

2018 Q1 Certificate

Runs 1/9/18 - 2/20/18

Includes Review

Certificate Testing Window 2/26 - 3/16

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2018 Q2 Certificate
Runs 6/19/18 - 7/31/18

Includes Review

Certificate Testing Window 8/6 - 8/17

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