Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate

Risk, fraud, potential losses and strict regulations are common to all payment channels, including Check, Wire, ACH and Card. Failure to understand the inherent risks, fraud potential and compliance requirements of each system can result in financial losses, lost customers, a tarnished reputation and violations of state and federal regulations.

Building a strong foundation for detecting and mitigating risk and fraud begins with an understanding of the payment channels and their common and unique risks. Federal guidance requires financial institutions and other organizations to understand risk categories and develop sound business practices to minimize exposure.

The Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate is designed for any payments professional that would benefit from an understanding of payment systems risk, fraud potential and governing rules and regulations. The ten-course program examines inherent risks, investigates common areas of exposure, identifies compliance obligations and provides sound risk mitigation practices of four key payment networks – Check, Wire, ACH and Card. To measure proficiency in risk identification and management, each module concludes with a knowledge assessment. The Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the final course and exam.

This Network Certificate is recommended for those planning to take the APRP  (Accredited Payments Risk Professional) exam as part of a two-fold process, along with the APRP Exam Preparation Program .

Payments professionals who fully complete the Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate will be able to:
  • Discern the risks of the four major payment systems (Check, Wire, ACH and Card)
  • Understand compliance obligations for each payment system
  • Identify risk management techniques
  • Mitigate the threat of risk and fraud losses
Courses qualify for AAP continuing education credits.

Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate Curriculum

All classes are offered from 1 - 2:30 pm PT. Exam details are communicated directly with participants.

 Risks Related to Check Payments
 Operational Risk Related to Check Processing
 Wire Transfer Compliance 
 Wire Transfer Risk & Risk Mitigation
 Risk Management for Debit Cards 
 Card Disputes, Regulation E & Chargebacks
 Third-Party Senders & Credit Risk for ACH
 Operational & Fraud Risk for ACH
 Final Review
 Certificate Testing Timeframe

There is no prerequisite education required for this certificate.
Offered only once in 2018

Rescheduled - new dates are:
May 24 - June 26, 2018

Testing Window
July 9 - July 20, 2018

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